Success TV

The SAC's video help series

Work at your own pace, in your own time, on specific aspects of your academics you want to change.  The "More" button for each topic will take you to:

  • the video
  • ideas for how to put these strategies into practice
  • resources for more help 

Time management

Beat procrastination!

Prioritize what's important & get it done

A photo of a students class schedule

Time Management

An overview of the one skill that affects all others


Studying & testing

A decorative thumbnail for a video about taking multiple choice exams

Multiple choice mayhem

Tips & myth-busting for this most popular of tests


Photo of a students hand as they take an exam

Quizzes! Tests! Exams!

How to study for, take, & learn from them


Math classes

On notes, textbooks, & working problems


Reading, writing, & taking notes

A decorative photo of an eye with the earth as its iris

College Reading in 5

Get more out of it


Thumbnail for a video about writing thesis statements

Thesis statements

Make your point on the page


A photo of a students class notes

Taking notes in class

Many different styles


Motivation & college success

A thumbnail of six different students

Resilience & Bouncing Back

What happened & what worked


A decorative icon of a road sign with a green arrow and the words Success listed underneath

About "college success"

4 ways to go for it


A thumbnail of three people having a conversation

More motivation

Understand it & find it


The people

A decorative thumbnail for a video about students academic advisers

Academic Advisors

How they can help you


A decorative icon that says 200 plus majors, depicting how a college advisor can help student's choose the right major

Advisors & Choices

Beyond majors & classes


For More Information

Contact the coordinator, Anthony Guest-Scott, at or (812) 855-7301, or stop by the Student Academic Center with any questions, suggestions, or episode ideas!