Beat Procrastination!

Description of the video:

Put it into practice!

  • most important work that needs to be done for your success.
  • thing you're dreading.
  • project that can't be done (well!) in one sitting.

  • Today, right now, what is your "frog" and why? (What have you been putting off)?
  • Record in your planner the next 2 hr. block of time you can work on it.
  • What's the very first thing you'll do to get started?

  • It shrinks it into smaller, less stressful steps.
  • When you "Swiss cheese" the task, you "punch a hole in it" to get going.
  • The time taken might be the same in the end, but it feels easier.

  • Get a system (paper planner, app, or hybrid).
  • Start by creating 2-3 hr. blocks of scheduled study time every day.
  • Cultivate a daily habit of identifying your frog and breaking it down.

  • Gets the most important work done.
  • Builds your feeling that you can do this ("self-efficacy").
  • Can even change how you see yourself ("self concept").

Understanding procrastination