Student Employment

  • Graduate AI Positions: Academic Year

    The Student Academic Center employs AIs to teach most of the courses we offer.  The number of openings varies from year to year, and some positions require specific subject knowledge.  Assignments are on a 10-month basis (August through May) and may vary from one term to the next.


    We are looking for the best instructors on campus, and invite applicants from all departments and disciplines.  AIs are selected on the basis of teaching experience, academic background, intellectual abilities, and organizational skills.

    Candidates must be admitted to an Indiana University graduate program and enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours each semester.  Preference is given to doctoral-level candidates and candidates with previous coursework experience that is applicable to the position.

    Application Process

    Applications are available beginning in January of each academic year for the next year’s positions. Applications will be accepted until March 1.

    Apply Here

  • Undergraduate Paid Internships

    The Student Academic Center employs undergraduate Teaching Interns (TIs) every semester. Interns are able to work multiple semesters consecutively, provided they continue to meet the criteria for the program. Applications are accepted at any time.

    Interns work in a variety of programs at the SAC designed to assist other undergraduates. Some interns work with the more difficult courses on campus (such as Microenconomics, Finite Mathematics, and others) and lead PASS study sessions. Others work in coaching courses such as EDUC-X156 “College and Lifelong Learning” and meet one-on-one with students who need a helping hand. All interns meet in weekly training meetings, get feedback on their impact, and learn valuable interpersonal and leadership skills. An intern will discuss with the Teaching Intern Director, Andrew Koke, to determine which internship opportunities are the best fit for the intern.

    Interns must be at least sophomore status and maintain at least a 3.00 GPA. Interns typically work six to ten hours per week and are paid hourly.

    To apply, please fill out this form.  Submit the form via email to or by delivering it to the Student Academic Center at 408 N. Union Street, Suite 300. Dr. Koke reviews applications several times per semester.