Courses for Credit


Each semester, the Student Academic Center offers a variety of courses designed to promote students’ academic success at the university. Some courses are offered for a full 16-week semester; others for only a first or second 8-week session. All carry credit from the School of Education that can be applied as electives in most degree programs.

SAC Courses-At-A-Glance

Open to All

EDUC-X 150

Becoming the Best Student

2 cr., 8 Weeks, crash-course in college academics

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EDUC-X 155

Unlocking Your Creativity

3 cr., full-semester, explore creativity in any field

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EDUC-X 156

College and Lifelong Learning

2 cr., full-semester, one-2-one academic coaching

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Special Populations

EDUC-X 157: Key Strategies for Academic Success

For students who took EDUC-X 158

1 cr., full-semester, ongoing support through journaling, goal tracking, and campus engagement

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EDUC-X 158: Culture of College

For UD students on Academic Probation

3 cr., full-semester, claiming your education

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EDUC-X 159: You@IU

For Freshmen and Transfer Students

2 cr., 8 Weeks, intro to college, IU resources, and campus opportunities

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Linked Courses

EDUC-X 101: Learning Strategies for Math

For students enrolled in MATH-M118 or MATH-D116

2 cr., full-semester, extra assistance learning finite concepts

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EDUC-X 152: Learning Strategies for Accounting

For students enrolled in BUS-A100

1 cr., 8 Weeks, extra assistance with basic accounting skills

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