Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

The PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) program offers small group peer-led study sessions for multiple courses each semester. The sessions are led by an undergraduate student who has excelled in the course previously, has been selected and trained for the position, and attends the class again serving as an assistant to the instructor. The PASS Leader offers guided study sessions weekly, permitting currently enrolled students to review content, ask questions, discuss issues, and employ effective studying strategies. Because the PASS Leader attends the class with the enrolled students, all materials discussed are current and relevant. PASS is free, and students are asked to sign in and participate!

For more information, please contact the coordinator, Andrew M. Koke.

Final Exam PASS Sessions:
Sunday, 7-8p – GA1112
Monday, 7:15-9:15p – BH103
Monday, 7:15-9:15p – BH304

Monday, 2:45-4:45p – WH119
Monday, 6-8p – GA0013
Monday, 8-10p – GA0011

Sunday, 10-12p – GA0007
Sunday, 6:30-8:30 – GA0003 
Monday, 5-7p – GA0007
Monday, 7:15-8:15p – GA0005

Spring 2019 PASS Schedule

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Students may attend any PASS session. Below are the weekly PASS sessions for the Spring 2019 semester, in MATH-D116, MATH-D117, and MATH-M118. If your section of finite is not listed, this simply means that a PASS tutor is not attending your section. However, all PASS tutors are attending other finite sections, and so you can be sure that the PASS tutor's knowledge of finite and the exams is current. You may attend any PASS session that fits your schedule.
Feel free to attend as many PASS sessions as you want! Our research shows that attending PASS at least once per week corresponds to an 8-12% improvement on tests, raising your final grade substantially!
D116 SectionInstructorPASS session and locationPASS session and location
2935LeiMonday, 7-8p, PV275Thursday, 6-7p, BH222
2936TawriWednesday, 6-7p, Briscoe C130Monday, 6-7, GA0013
D117 SectionInstructorPASS session and locationPASS session and location
2942ParksThursday, 6-7, GA0005Tuesday, 6-7p, Read C110
2938WoodThursday, 6:30-7:30p, Briscoe C232Tuesday, 6-7, GA005
2939MarekSunday, 7-8p, Read C110Monday, 6-7p, Teter F106
2940KurkogluWednesday, 6-7, GA0005Monday, 6-7p, Wright D12-029B
2941LahiriMonday, 6-7, GA0005Wednesday, 7-8p, Briscoe C130
M118 SectionInstructorPASS session and locationPASS session and location
2947IsaacsonMonday, 6-7p, Briscoe C130Tuesday, 7-8p, Briscoe C130
2948LiuMonday, 6:30-7:30, BH003Wednesday, 6:30-7:30, BH003
30341HendricksonMonday, 6-7p, Spruce B109Wednesday, 6-7p, Spruce B109
30344McKinleyMonday, 7-8p, Spruce B109Wednesday, 7-8p, Spruce B109
30345JohnsonMonday, 6-7p, BH319Wednesday, 6-7p, BH319
30346JohnsonMonday, 7-8 GA1112Wednesday, 7-8, GA1106 except 3/20