Episode 6

Resilience & Bouncing Back

Turning Things Around

In this episode, we get some ideas and strategies from students who struggled academically in the past, but managed to turn things around and come out on top.

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  1. What are some ways I could become more engaged in my classes?
  2. Which organization or time management strategy mentioned in this episode would make the most difference in my life if I applied it right now?
  3. Am I in the right major? And how do I know?
  4. What role do these people play in my life and how could I make the most of the support they might have to offer?
    • parents
    • siblings
    • friends
    • significant others
    • fellow students
    • professors
    • advisors
    • RAs or counselors
    • tutors
  5. One student in this episode talks about how changing his view of the purpose of a college education made a huge difference in his academic performance. What is my view and how could I change it?
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