Episode 5

Everybody’s Talking About College Success

Defining Success

Today we explore competing definitions of college success, and the four most successful ways to find common ground between them.

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  1. This episode argues that there are two stereotypical approaches to a college education that you often hear about, and that the best approach to success is to bring the two together. Do you agree with this position? Why or why not?
  2. List four actions described here that you can take to pursue a successful college experience. Explain each in your own words and develop a personal plan for pursuing them.
  3. Create a list of priorities and values that you can use to guide your choices about a planned career and major and begin exploring your options.
  4. Begin exploring student organizations, volunteer opportunities, and other outside-of-class experiences that will enhance your college education and contribute to your development as a well-rounded, complete human being. Select one right now to participate in this semester.
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