Episode 3

Taking Notes in Class

Note-Taking Tricks

In this episode, we cover some note-taking basics like active listening and handling lecture speed. We also look at different note-taking systems, and the materials each is most effective for.

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  1. Using ideas from the episode, explain how the process of taking notes can be just as important as the actual notes themselves.
  2. What is active listening, and how could you personally begin to use it to take better notes?
  3. Choose one technique discussed in the episode and try using it to take notes along with the mock lecture presented. Then compare your notes with Kate’s or Sarah’s notes using the same technique. Describe what you did well and what you could have done better.
  4. Borrowing from other systems, construct your own note-taking system and code with simplification and abbreviation to make note-taking in your most difficult class faster, more accurate, and more useful. Try it out.
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