Episode 2

Time Management

Priorities & Challenges

In this episode, we address time management by focusing on how best to plan your schedule during the semester. We also tackle issues like procrastination and heavy workloads.

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  1. In your own words, explain the three attitudes towards time the video urges you to adopt. Then describe how you would go about putting these attitudes into action.
  2. Download the Weekly Schedule Organizer. It includes an example populated with courses, as well as on featuring extra-curricular activities. Study the difference between them, noting especially the math involved (as described in the episode) regarding scheduling outside time. Then use the blank Weekly Schedule to adapt this to your own schedule, saving a place for all in-class and outside class time as well as other responsibilities (also described in the episode). How does this compare with what your typical week is like? Now try and follow as closely as possible the ideal weekly schedule you’ve constructed.
  3. Take all your syllabi for the semester and put in due dates for all tests and major assignments into a semester calendar. Then take all tests and schedule in several short study sessions leading up to the testing days, and break all major assignments into several steps, scheduling those as well.
  4. Discuss your own individual most significant obstacle to adopting a successful time management strategy, and, using some of the ideas and strategies from the episode, sketch out a detailed plan to overcome it.
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