Episode 1

Quizzes! Tests! Exams!

Testing Tips and Strategies

In this episode, we lay out some strategies you can use to master and ace all of your quizzes, tests, and exams. You'll learn about preparing beforehand, including the best ways to arrange your study sessions so you remember the material, and how to beat test anxiety.

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  1. Identify what the student was doing wrong in the story the co-hosts told at the beginning of the episode. Then, using the tips and strategies presented throughout the episode, rewrite this story so it turns out to be a successful test-taking experience.
  2. Create a checklist of things you should do when preparing to define and schedule study time for an upcoming quiz, test, or exam. Then try using this checklist for an actual test in one of your classes.
  3. Download the Study Guide Template and complete it as you prepare for this quiz, test, or exam.
    • Use Quizlet to create a custom set of flashcards you can use to review and memorize key terms.
    • Use some of Joshua Foer’s suggestions regarding elaborative encoding and the “memory palace” from his TED Talk.
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