EDUC-X 155

Unlocking your creativity

This course is about you and how to open up your individual creative potential. Guided by your curiosity and passion, you will explore your power to innovate through a series of workshops and projects. Along the way, you will discover how creativity can go beyond the arts to open up a world of possibility in any field: from science, medicine, and business to law, history, philosophy, and beyond. Contact the coordinator, Anthony Guest-Scott for more information.

Register now for the "first 6-week" Summer 2020 version - 100% online, starts Tuesday, May 12!


You will learn about what it means to be creative from a wide variety of perspectives.


You will use your newfound understanding to create many smaller works as well as your own final project for the course.

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Semester or 6 WeeksLength

15max class size

Because I gained a new way of thinking about myself and what I create, I will be able to apply that to future projects and research in my field.