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SAC Staff


Charles R. Frederick JrCharles R. Frederick Jr, PhD

Chip has been the Director of the Student Academic Center since 2004. He attended Goshen College as an undergraduate and has a PhD in Folklore from Indiana University. Along with being the director of the Student Academic Center, Chip coordinates EDUC-X152-Introduction to the University, EDUC-X152-Learning Strategies for the New College Student and EDUC-X153-Critical Reasoning for the New College Student.

Outreach Programs and Services

Sharon ChertkoffSharon Chertkoff, PhD

Sharon has been with the Student Academic Center as the Basic Skills and Outreach Coordinator for approximately the last 24 years. Sharon’s formal education/training is in the discipline of psychology—having earned a PhD. from the University of Iowa in Clinical Psychology. Sharon also coordinates EDUC-X101 linked to M118, EDUC-X101 linked to BUS-X100-Learning Strategies for Business, EDUC-X101 linked to D116-Learning Strategies for Math, EDUC-X152 linked to Accounting A100 and EDUC-X156 College and Lifelong Learning.

Retention Programs and Services

Molly Ann BurkeMolly Ann Burke, PhD

Molly has been working at the Student Academic Center for five years as Retention Coordinator. Molly got her PhD in Comparative Literature from Rutgers and taught in the English Department at Tulane. She coordinates EDUC-X158-Culture of College and teaches EDUC-L490 – Research in Language Education.

Academic Coordinator

Anthony Guest-ScottAnthony Guest-Scott, PhD

Anthony started working at the Student Academic Center in the Summer of 2012 as Academic Coordinator. Anthony earned a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Virginia Commonwealth University and an M.A. and Ph.D.  in Folklore and Ethnomusicology with a minor in Anthropology here at Indiana University. Anthony coordinates EDUC-X150-Managing Resources for Learning and EDUC-X152–The Right Start. He is also coordinating the transition of our workshop series to a podcast format, which will go online in the fall of 2013.

Office Manager

Kelly RollinsKelly Rollins

Kelly has been working at the Student Academic Center for 3 years as Office Manager. Kelly attended Indiana University and received her Real Estate Appraiser License through the Appraisal Institute.

Office Services Assistant

Kiva ReinboldKiva Reinbold

Kiva has been working at the Student Academic Center since the Spring semester 2014. She is an Office Services Assistant and just received her Masters in Art Administration from Indiana University in December 2013.