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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction offers small group peer-assisted study sessions for several courses each semester. The sessions are led by an undergraduate student who has successfully completed the course with the same professor and who has been selected by the professor for this position. The student leader conducts several sessions each week which offer students an opportunity to review content, ask questions, discuss issues, and learn effective reading and study strategies. The Supplemental Instruction Program combines the effectiveness of individualized tutoring and collaborative learning.

Fall 2014 Supplemental Instruction For Math M014, M025, M027, M118 and M119 (Provided in collaboration with the Math Department).Walk-In Math Help Sunday – Thursday, 7-10 PM at Teter F256 (next to the Teter Academic Support Center) and in the Briscoe Library.

Problem Solving Sessions (Earn Extra Credit!) M025 and M027 students can earn even more extra credit by attending problem solving sessions, Sunday – Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM at the same locations as above.

Supplemental Instruction sessions for Economics E201 and E202 focus on strategies for taking notes, using graphics, asking questions, acquiring vocabulary, applying economic concepts to realistic business problems, and preparing for tests. Click here for the Fall 2014 Supplemental Instruction Schedule. (Taught in collaboration with the Economics Department)