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Student Academic Center -  Great Teachers, Small Classes, Real Help

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Student Academic Center is to provide a learning atmosphere and range of support services that enhance academic success for undergraduate students at Indiana University, Bloomington. The secondary mission is to collaborate with and support other units and individuals concerned about undergraduate academic success.

Within the wide spectrum of this mission, we remain mindful of the crucial role we play in the transitional development of all undergraduates moving from high school to college level academics, including traditional students, underrepresented students, students seeking to circumvent academic problems, and students who are on academic probation and/or reinstated status. Although we work with the last group extensively, we are as committed to helping students prevent problems as to helping students recover good academic standing after they have failed.

This mission is executed through a comprehensive program of services and credit courses which link to specific academic units as well as advising units across campus. In this way, the Student Academic Center serves as a primary resource for undergraduate students at Indiana University who seek college experiences that are rewarding both personally and academically.