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Graduate Employment Opportunities

Associate instructor Academic Year Assistantships

The Student Academic Center employs approximately 18 associate instructors. The number of openings varies from year to year, and some positions require specific subject knowledge.

Position Description

Assignments are on a 10-month basis (August through May) for 18 hours per week. In addition to teaching responsibilities, instructors will be involved in outreach presentations, workshops, one-on-one student instruction via the Individualized Academic Assistance Program, inservice training sessions, and professional seminars. Assignments beyond teaching are determined by calculation of specific teaching assignments as related to the distribution of the l8-hour/week assignment. Teaching assignments are not limited to one course area, and may vary from one session to the next.


AIs are selected on the basis of teaching experience, academic background, intellectual abilities, and organizational skills.

Candidates must:

  • be admitted to an Indiana University graduate program
  • be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours each semester
  • be knowledgeable about, willing to learn, basic computer applications (email, WWW, etc.)

Preference is given to:

  • doctoral-level candidates
  • candidates with previous coursework experience that is applicable to the position


Application Process


Applications are available beginning in January of each academic year for the next year’s session. Applications will be accepted until March 1.  Apply here.

We acknowledge that the experience of teaching at the SAC is both rewarding and occasionally trying. While we value experience, we also anticipate the possibility of burnout among our instructional staff. In doing so we respect the discretion of individual coordinators with regard to hiring and maintaining a quality staff while at the same time recognizing that a commitment of more than three years to a single SAC assignment might prove detrimental to the best interests of both graduate AIs and undergraduate students.


Associate Instructor 2nd Summer Session Assistantships

The Student Academic Center offers up to 18 assistantships for the second summer session. These positions will include applications from current academic year instructors.  If you have served as an instructor for 3 years in any of the three core courses (English, Math, SAC) you are ineligible to apply for this position.

Position Description

The summer session is a part of the Groups Student Support Services Program at Indiana University which is a federally funded project offering promising students, who are first generation college students and who are financially disadvantaged, the opportunity to attend college. Our course program, Critical Reading and Reasoning for the New College Student, is a seven-week course that introduces students to modes of thinking and learning at the college level. Classwork is conducted in both large and small group arrangements. Instructors teach one section of 18 students on a daily (5 day/wk) schedule. In addition to teaching responsibilities, instructors attend training and orientation workshops held the week prior to the beginning of the session, and weekly staff meetings held throughout the session.


Candidates should possess substantial expertise in the teaching of critical reading and thinking skills, experience working with diverse student populations, evidence of strong teaching background (particularly pertaining to collaborative learning and small group instructions), and a teaching philosophy that can accommodate the objectives, curriculum, and format of the course. Preference will be given to doctoral-level graduate students (either in course and/or post qualifying exams) who do not have a commitment to other summer positions. Fee remission is not provided.

Application Process

Applications are made available in January of each academic year. For additional information please phone (812) 855-7313. Please download a paper based application here and send as an attachment to