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EDUC-X101: Learning Strategies for Math

Course Overview

EDUC-X101 is a 2 credits, semester long, graded course. The goal of the course is to support students with finite, either the MATH-D116/D117 two semester version or the MATH-M118 one semester version. The course is open to all students who are simultaneously enrolled in one of the finite courses; students who withdraw from finite must drop this course as well.

By focusing on the most difficult concepts of finite and creating opportunities for students to master this material, EDUC-X101 assists students in achieving higher results in their finite class. Assessments focus on students explaining the more difficult webwork problems (with the guidance of an experienced math instructor) and taking timed practice quizzes/tests.


A sample of Student comments:

“This class helped my become more confident in my math work; I learned to trust myself more with my work. I think everything done in class was extremely helpful and there is nothing I would have done differently.”

“As I look back on the goals I set at the beginning of the semester I would say I accomplished those goals. This semester, math has been a lot better and I would have to say it’s because of this class. My test scores have improved tremendously. Last semester I had a D around this time and now I have a B+. I am so grateful for this class. Not only did math go well but I feel like I have had the chance to be a leader in the classroom…”


For More Information

Contact the coordinator, Andrew M. Koke, at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with any questions.