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X152: The Right Start

First semester in college?  Transferring here from somewhere else?  Get the Right Start!


Credits: 2

Duration: full semester

Offered: Fall and Spring

Cap: 15



The Right Start is a personalized guide to the vast resources of the IU Bloomington campus and a patient introduction to college course academics.  It’s all the stuff students want to know about and do, inside and outside of the classroom, except with this class they get credit for it.

It’s also an invitation to use a college education to build your plans for the future, your story, right from the beginning of your college experience.  This is a story that leads to an adult life full of fulfilling careers, shaped by broad and deep education as a lifelong learner, and marked by engaged participation in a truly global 21st century world.



Our primary objective for every student is that The Right Start will lead to the right end.  Coursework is built on a foundation of guest speakers, campus tours, campus involvement and activity assignments, and in-class discussions surrounding provocative reading that gets to both the big issues (What else can a college degree mean besides a shot at a job?  What is happiness and what is success?  How can I best use my 20s to take advantage of their full potential?) and offers solutions to the smaller ones (How should I write an email to my professor?).

We will explore this story and both its big and small questions through each of its important chapters, including:

You (as you are now)

  • experiences and skills you bring to the table
  • learning styles, and how you best learn
  • hope, fears, goals, and dreams
  • the 20-year-old brain

College more generally, and IU specifically

  • university structure, college vs. high school
  • getting to know and using IU campus resources (libraries, Career Development Center, SRSC, IU Art Museum, and much more)
  • engaging in the IU community: IU culture, attending campus events, and getting involved with student organizations
  • understanding participation in the college classroom and how to talk to your professors and advisors
  • study skills for college success, organization, and time management

Majors, Minors, and Careers

  • exploring and deciding upon majors and minors
  • getting from degrees to careers
  • developing 21st century skills

A Broad and Deep Education

  • the many purposes of an education
  • values, character, and attitudes

Living in a Global Society

  • globalization and interconnectivity
  • diversity

You (as you will be)

  • the best-lived life
  • the big picture


For More Information

Contact Anthony Guest-Scott at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with any questions!