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EDUC-X152: Learning Strategies for Accounting A100

Course Overview

EDUC-X152: Accounting is a one credit, 8 week, graded course. It is open to all students as long as they are also enrolled in any section of BUS-A100 simultaneously; students who withdraw from BUS-A100 must also withdraw from this course.

The goal of this course is to support students in their BUS-A100 course. However, this course should not be viewed as re-teaching the “content” of A100. Rather, the course is designed so that students engage with the Accounting material in novel ways, teach some content to their peers for increased mastery, and undertake timed practice tests to prepare for the two major exams in the Accounting class.

Some comments from students:

“I learned different approaches to my accounting problems. In taking this class, I was able to learn the subject material in accounting in other ways that also made sense to me and reinforced the material in my brain.”

“I will be able to have stronger study skills and stronger accounting skills to succeed in my higher level accounting classes.”


For More Information

Contact the coordinator, Andrew M. Koke, at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with any questions.