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EDUC-X152: Learning Strategies for Accounting A100

Course Overview

1 credit, 8 week, graded course. Open to all students as long as they are also enrolled in any section of Accounting A100: during the same semester they are enrolled in X152.

Course Description

The long-term goal of this course is to support students in their Business A100 course. However, the course should not be viewed as re-teaching the “content” of A100. Rather, the course is designed to accomplish the above stated goal by helping students to become more active, independent problem solvers interested in truly understanding the concepts in contrast to a passive approach that relies on memorization, learning step-by-step procedures, and outside authority. X152 provides the necessary skills and abilities to successfully and effectively study the concepts introduced in Bus A-100.


For More Information

Contact the coordinator, Andrew M. Koke, at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with any questions!