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X152: Learning Strategies for the New College Student

Special topic: New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina


A small (10-19 students), 8 week seminar designed to rapidly build college-level best practices so students are ready to succeed as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. (2 credits)

Skills covered:

  • Breaking down and understanding scholarly writing
  • Interpreting and assessing arguments
  • Writing arguments and taking a stand on important issues.
  • Connecting written arguments to specific evidence and sources
  • Formulating answers for the “big questions” from a      variety of sources
  • Discussing controversial topics and opposing viewpoints
  • Best Practices for reading, writing, discussion, studying and test-taking


Students will develop transferable skills that will prepare them for college level classes – especially those based on reading, writing, and argument construction (such as English W131).