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EDUC-X152: Learning Strategies for the New College Student

Special topic: New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina

Download a flier for Fall 2014, 2nd 8 Weeks!


Credits: 2

Duration: 8 weeks

Offered: 1st and 2nd 8 weeks, Fall only

Cap: 19

Coordinator: Chip Frederick,


This 8-week seminar is the total package.  We work on the rapid development of college-level skills, focusing specifically on critical thinking and argument.  At the same time, we use an incredibly rich topic to develop these skills: the culture of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.

We study the history, geography, and cultural forms of the city (including food, music, and Mardi Gras) as well as varying perspectives on Katrina.  It’s really a chance to try out a whole bunch of different disciplines while studying an extremely interesting subject and working on skills students can transfer to any of their classes.  These skills include:

  • Breaking down scholarly writing
  • Interpreting and assessing arguments
  • Building arguments and taking a stand on important issues
  • Connecting written arguments to specific evidence and sources
  • Best Practices for reading, writing, discussion, studying, and test-taking



Students will develop transferable skills that will prepare them for college level classes – especially those based on reading, writing, and argument construction (such as English W131).


For More Information

Contact the coordinator,  Chip Frederick, at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with any questions!