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EDUC-X156: College and Life Long Learning

EDUC-X156 is an 8 week, two credits, graded course open to all students. This course is the Peer Coaching course at IUB. For the first credit hour, all enrolled students meet in the classroom and work through the curriculum. For the second credit hour, the students meet one-on-one with an assigned undergraduate peer coach at a mutually convenient time. This coach helps with setting weekly goals, helping students think about resources on campus that could be useful, analyzing study habits, thinking about long term plans, and generally supporting enrolled students so that they achieve their goals.

Some examples of tasks that peer coaches assist with: setting realistic goals; creating a weekly time management schedule; planning a test preparation approach; prioritizing multiple varied assignments; critically thinking about an assigned reading; dealing with procrastination; finding the right office on campus to assist with a particular issue; etc.                                  


For More Information

Contact the coordinator, Andrew M. Koke, at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with any questions.