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EDUC-X158: Culture of College

Students Say:

“I learned how to effectively reflect on myself and what decisions I’ve made in the past and are currently making now and how they affect my life. I also learned really good note taking strategies and other useful skills for school like being comfortable talking to professors and advisors and finding ways or places to get more help if needed.”


“I have learned many things, such as better study habits, perspectives on education and personal responsibility, all of which contribute to becoming a better student…”


“I have learned how to manage my time well and maintain a schedule.”




X158, The Culture of College, is the Phoenix Program Success Seminar designed specifically to support students placed on Academic Probation in their quest to achieve academic success. This three credit, full semester course gives you the opportunity to find insights into your college experience and practical strategies for achieving your goals.  You will be asked to think critically about the American education system, define your place within it and formulate your own approach to learning. You will be asked to explore your reasons for being in college and your aspirations for your life.


X158 is taught by a graduate Associate Instructor as well as an undergraduate Peer Instructor who has successfully completed X158 and reclaimed academic Good Standing. The Peer Instructors assist new X158 students in exploring practical ways of achieving goals and integrating course concepts into their academic and personal lives from the student perspective.




Contact the coordinator, Molly Burke, at, or 855-2701