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EDUC-X158: Culture of College

…”I know that learning here at I.U. demands more from me than I’ve been able to give thus far. How can I go about learning at the university so that I achieve the the academic and personal success I want and need?

…”How do other students in the same situation get through this semester and learn what they need in order to meet the GPA demands of their academic contracts?”

…”How do I develop the skills I need to make good grades in college? How can I adjust myself to learning at the college level when it seems high school didn’t prepare me for the academic challenges I’m facing now?”

  • Full Semester course
  • 3 credit hours
  • Letter grade
  • For information related to current sections, dates, and times, you can consult the Schedule of Classes under OneStart. When using the Schedule of Classes to review any current section listing of courses on campus, you will need to know the department (EDUC) and course number (X158) and title (Culture of College).

Developed to meet the needs of students who are on academic probation or critical academic probation, the X158 program consists of a three credit hour course and a wide range of student support services. While there have been various factors that have contributed to a student’s past academic problems such as medical absence, personal and financial problems, or difficulty in balancing social and academic responsibilities, the fact remains that each student has met the basic admission requirments of Indiana University and is capable of successfully completing a chosen degree program. To this end, X158 is constructed to promote academic and personal success so that students persist and complete their college degree.

How is X158 Organized?

Students focus their work by devising and implementing a plan for meeting the demands of their academic contracts and for reclaiming academic good standing. Efforts towards acheiving this goal are continually developed and assessed as students work closely with support from the following X158 and University Personnel.

  • Support from an Experienced Course Instructor: Instructors create classroom experiences that help students develop a practical understanding of the learning process at the university level. Further, they assist students in understanding how they learn best and how to apply this knowledge to different kinds of courses. Instructors hold weekly conferences with each student to discuss the implementation of goals, ways to make use of the many resources for learning on campus, and finally ways that each student can apply strategies covered in class for academic and personal success
  • Support from a Peer Instructor: Students who have successfully completed X158 and have reclaimed academic good standing with the University serve as Peer Instructors. Peer Instructors assist new X158 students to explore practical ways of achieving goals and integrating course concepts into their academic and personal lives from the student perspective.

What’s the Goal of X158?

Through X158, students develop practical means to reclaim academic good standing through use of individual strengths and talents combined with use of the many resources for learning on campus. Through this process, students achieve the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies that will enable them to persist and complete their college degrees.