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How do I choose a Course?

You can consult with an advisor, meet with one of our coordinators, or click on individual course links within the menu to view course descriptions.

For information related to current sections, dates, and times, you can consult the Schedule of Classes under OneStart. When using this link, you will be asked to put in the department code (EDUC) and course number.

Registration for the Student Academic Center courses follows the same guidelines and time sequence as other university courses with the exception that second 8-week sections are listed, but authorization to enroll for these courses will not be granted until after the second full week of the semester has begun. In most cases, the same day/time is offered during the 1st and second 8-week sessions, so read the schedule of classes carefully.

Some of our courses require an authorization before you can register. Please note if “Authorization” is listed when you review the sections. If required, please call 855-7313, and we will place the authorization on screen when you call. If any IU course is listed as authorized, this process must be completed prior to registering. Not doing so, especially with phone-in registrations, can result in additional phone costs.

Students may not take 2 SAC courses concurrently except for EDUC-X156 College and Lifelong Learning plus 1 additional SAC course.